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Kevin Hogan Influence Bootcoamp“In just 4 days at Influence: Boot Camp, I can show almost anyone how to almost mystically drive their sales up to numbers previously thought out of reach.”
Kevin Hogan

You might have been to an Influence: Boot Camp in the past. If so you know that you learn new leading edge strategies and tactics to build your client list, make more money and be more influential with everyone you meet.

  • You want to sell more.
  • You want more clients & customers.
  • You want to hear “yes,” instead of, “I’ll think about it,” then “no,” on the return visit.

You also know your life has a lot lower stress when you optimize your influential skills and add the latest weapons to your arsenal … and that is never more true than dealing with the number two reason people are losing sales, failing at marketing, and hearing “no.”

A lot of people who did sales trainings 10 years ago really believe that what they learned was enough to get by on today.

But when you look at the real results that isn’t the case.

Influencing in selling is evolving at the speed of light.


Message Saturation and Message Distraction

You connect with more people and experience more influential messages than ever.

Instead of the 4000 messages Americans saw each day just a decade ago, they now see almost double that. In Europe the numbers have also double from 2000 to now 4000 messages per day.

You’re online like the rest of the world. You need to not only influence people face to face but on the phone, by text, online and across a broad spectrum of media.

And the brain of the person you are talking to is CHANGING.

They have more messages per minute they are experiencing but the number of actual purchases is staying the same.

That means you need a BIG edge.

What “used to work” is now buried 3000 – 6000 messages deep.

Without the right mix of persuasive tactics and strategies, it’s far more difficult to capture and hold attention. It’s far more difficult to gain compliance for the average person.

And this is true for people who don’t sell or market but simply must influence to persuade in dozens of other contexts.

Think about just one simple but income destroying example…how do you hold attention when someone’s cell phone goes off?

How do you do it online?

How do you do it in person?

How do you do it before a group of people?

You better know because message saturation/distraction is the NUMBER TWO killer of sales and marketing messages in 2013.

DistractionsWhen that cell phone buzzes it changes the mental processing that the other person was just experiencing. Instead of people thinking in a linear modality they switch to big picture and now want to make a decision RIGHT NOW.

That cell phone going off whether for a text message, voice mail or someone calling causes more people to say “no” than most other technological impediments to virtually all influence opportunities.

The cell phone goes off and you now have SECONDS to gain compliance or you can virtually guarantee a “no” response unless you know how to take advantage of that moment.

A decade ago this problem didn’t exist.

Today people turn on a cell phone while watching Thor, The Hobbit, Frozen, Gravity or every other riveting movie they see in Omni Max.

And trainers continue to train what they have always trained!

Most marketers and salespeople carry on as if nothing happened … while watching their income stagnate.

Their persuasive tool kit is simply too small and outdated.

The guy at the bar or social event has a much more difficult task at getting the girl to say “yes” to drinks because her cell phone is held tightly in her hand.

What’s the guy do?

He learns “lines” and ancient tactics that may have worked on occasion in 1995 but are impotent in 2014.

The integration of a smart phone in particular into the effective influence strategy changes EVERYTHING.

I can guarantee you that preparing for this ONE social change will dramatically increase hearing “yes.”

It seems so minimalistic but consider this, not only are massive changes to the persuasive moment, there are huge problems for people learning to persuade that never existed before.

Capturing someone’s attention in virtually all contexts has NEVER been more difficult & in need of a complete strategy make over.

Building interest in YOU and your services/product must now happen more quickly in MOST but NOT all scenarios.

Triggering desires is more complex as well because people are having far more messages hit their brain in each minute.

Today, too MANY desires are being triggered in persuasive moments thus diluting the brain’s “passive goal guidance system” and creating internal confusion about what to do. When this happens, people simply say some form of “no.”

It’s that simple.

Gaining compliance itself without cutting edge strategy is maddening. Trying to “ask for the sale, the date, the order…for anything and everything, is now HALF as likely to bring a person to “yes” as it was just one decade ago.

There is one significant piece of good news.

The Matthew Effect has never been more profound than it is as we enter 2014.

The Matthew Effect refers to a Biblical reference that scientists study for a sociological point of view. “To he who has much, much will be given. To he who has little, it will be taken away.”

This is your advantage.

It’s very simple, and here is the critical factor going forward:

Those few marketers, advertisers, salespeople, individuals in social contexts who have evolved with the rapid changes will continue to not only hear “yes,” but they will hear “yes” more often and to a much greater level than ever before.

The ONLY option you have is to evolve as rapidly as possible.

By the way, old approaches, strategies and tactics are still effective in SOME specific contexts. But as more and more people use an approach, new or old, the dilution effect occurs. The “technique” becomes impotent.

Thus, simple old techniques that are easy for everyone to use, become impotent much quicker. Most salespeople, advertisers, marketers and would be influencers are first and foremost, lazy.

They continue to believe that what they are doing will work as the economy gets better or some other magical external force decides things will be back to normal.

But the wait will be eternal.

Most of what used to work in most contexts has faded in potency.

There are hundreds of tactics and strategies.

Want to use reciprocity or scarcity as your key to your approach?

You’ll still hear “yes” but you simply won’t hear it as often.

Where dilution has occurred the vacuum is running.

If you want to know the real solutions to the biggest and newest problems…if you want to hear yes and have a significantly more profitable 2014…then you should be at Influence: Boot Camp in March.

Here is the link for instant access to more information about this event: Influence: Boot Camp Persuasion Mastery, March 26,27,28,29 – 2014 at the Westin/Harrah’s/Paris in fabulous Las Vegas!

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