Four Things that Stop NLP Coaches Making Money and What to Do About It

This article is about four common problems I see with Coaches, Consultants, Hypnotist and Trainers and what they can do about it to fill their books with clients that are desperate to working with them. 1) Fear of Selling I got a call the other day to deliver an Ethical Sales course for some people. The things I find interesting is the presupposition that is inherent in the statement. Just for a moment consider what must be in the mind of the person to suggest an “ethical” sales course as opposed to a sales course for particular types of people or to sell a particular product or service for example. There are two things that immediately sprang to my mind. The first is a presupposition that most sales courses are not ethical, otherwise why bother highlighting that issue. And the second is that the person wants a course that has the ethics of selling as the key focus. In this particular scenario I discounted the second because later in the conversation he told me that he wanted a practical course where people leave with real skills and it was not about theory, concepts and ideals…just real skills they can apply …read more

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