Frame Control and Accelerated Learning

Here is a neat little idea for getting better results from your practice sessions. This works with any skills development but is often overlooked. How do you feel about learning? I first really noticed this when learning to play the guitar. When I was practicing a piece I would derive great enjoyment out of the bits I could play and get frustrated with the bits I couldn’t. The more I would practice the difficult bits out of context the more I would build the frustration and negative emotional states into the piece. So even when I could play that bit I was finding difficult I was left feeling very different about it than the bit before and the bit afterwards. The end result is that that little bit I found difficult to play would now sound different from the rest of the piece when put back in to context. This article is really about about accelerated learning and hypnotic persuasion skills but here is a gratuitous picture of the office guitar anyway. How about learning hypnotic language? I found that people learning hypnotic language patterns would go through a similar experience. Because they are so focused on getting …read more

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