Frames, A Key NLP Persuasion Tool for Stealing Bacon Rolls


This article is about how you can covertly install new behaviour with people. It continues from yesterday’s article about how you can use NLP to steal bacon rolls. You need to read that article first to make sense of this one. Here is a link to the article about NLP and Bacon.

An Interlude – Installing New Concepts

Yesterday we threw four great concepts at the reader. The obvious one is about frame control or pattern interrupts. The second concept we played with hugely in that article was open loops. This is just a posh way of saying unfinished business. Are there any points in the previous article that you are expecting to be resolved today?

For example; I told you that I ended up stealing the bacon roll, but I have yet to tell you how that happened. This is a way of keeping the reader engaged and wanting to read on. I have done that a whole number of times right through that article (don’t worry we are getting to it before the end of the series you will be fully equipped to bankrupt your local bakery through a life of crime). This is a great way of taking people in to a trance as well as getting you to stay engaged.

The third concept was almost a little more subtle. I took the reader through an NLP Technique called Perceptual Positions. This technique is a key persuasion skill. It is simply the ability to look at any situation through several different perspectives. In any situation there is your own perspective, the perspective of the person you are speaking with and a neutral third person, observer perspective as the three most obvious perspectives. In the article I talk the reader through that process over the accidental trance induction.


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