Garr Reynolds Shares How Kids Impact the Creative Process

I owe Garr Reynolds big time. Not only because he has spent years working on the cause I’m most passionate about—empowering people to create better presentations—but also because he has inspired me personally, starting with encouraging me to write my first book, Slide:ology.

Garr lives in Japan full time, but every once in awhile he visits California, and he’s kind enough to stop by my shop. Last time he visited, I took the chance to interview him about his work, his recent transition into fatherhood, and how the heck he’s finding balance between the two.

Watch the interview, or read some highlights of our chat below.

The creative process requires uninterrupted time.
Like most things, uninterrupted time is something you can’t fully appreciate until you no longer have it. As a new father of two young kids, Garr has come to fully appreciate uninterrupted time, and realized its importance in the creative process. Garr references a brilliant 10-minute talk by John Cleese who speaks eloquently about the importance of setting boundaries of space and time, and giving yourself permission to get lost in your work.

Perfection isn’t possible, but “real artists ship.”
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