Great Persuasive Speech, 2013: Angelina Jolie


I get asked all the time, “Who are the most powerful female communicators?” Sadly, it’s a short list. Not many women have a broad platform (let’s change that, ladies!). Sheryl Sandberg is rocking it in the business space, and I think Angelina Jolie has it nailed in the humanitarian space. She gets little visibility for her work. In fact, when I mentioned to a few people that I felt she should be awarded Communicator of the Year for 2013, their disbelief shocked me.

Jolie has spent over a decade advocating for refugees and victims of war. It’s not a gratuitous PR stunt for her, it’s her passion and meaningful hard work.

I wanted to share the full transcript of the speech she gave to the UN Security Council requesting that they make rape an international crime. After this speech, the Council unanimously passed the resolution.

Warning: The following transcript contains graphic descriptions of sexual violence.

What is What could be

Mr. President, Secretary General, Foreign Ministers; it is an honour to address this Council; and I thank Foreign Secretary Hague for the United Kingdom’s leadership.

The Security Council …read more

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