Harlan Kilstein Webinar “Connecting With Stories” Airs April 4th at 3PM Eastern

Harlan KilsteinHarlan Kilstein is a superhero when it comes to creating engaging and touching stories that get people to take action.

Why are stories so effective when it comes to marketing?

Stories have the power to transport the reader to a warmer, kinder place – a place where they are more likely to follow suggestions that you give them. Suggestions like clicking a link, commenting on a post, or signing up for a mailing list.

Stories have the power to relax the reader or listener. A story helps people take their guard down. It takes them to a comfortable place where you can build trust and form a relationship. Think about it, from the earliest days around the fire, stories are how we connect, build trust, and share important information.

If you are not using the power of stories to drive traffic, you are missing out on a big opportunity.

Stories have been used for selling for ages. One of the most successful sales letters of all time is known as the Wall Street Journal letter. It’s a story about two people, both grew up together—one becomes successful, one is less successful. And the difference—one reads the Wall Street Journal and one doesn’t.

That story is a two-page letter and has made billions of dollars.

In an age of SEO, Hangouts and retargeting, it offen pays to go back to the basics. That should relieve the tech luddites among us. From the time when humans first formed tribes and sat around the fire passing down the epic tales of their parents, stories have had the power to stick in our minds and drive us to action.

We want to end the Summit with the power of story so we all remember that nothing changes this one simple fact: the key to unlocking traffic to your business is connecting with your audience where they’re already at.

If you are ready to infuse stories to drive traffic, be sure to catch Harlan’s presentation at the Traffic Superhero Summit on April 4th at 3PM Eastern. Here is the link to attend: Harlan Kilstein: Connecting With Stories