#Hashtag10: A Look Back at the 10 Tags That Shaped Advertising

Twitter gave birth to the hashtag, but it has since become part of the broader online vernacular. Hashtags are as essential to advertising as jingles and taglinesthey’ve jumped from one screen onto the next in TV ads and even appear in print. The hashtag has #transcended. On Wednesday, the hashtag also celebrated its tenth birthday.

In its decade, the humble hashtag has served to chronical our collective pop-cultural memories. If it’s trending on Twitter, you can bet it has a hashtag. What is Charlie Sheen without #tigerblood? Sometimes we still wonder: #hasjustinelandedyet?

Hashtags have proven sticky (and often riskywe’re looking at you McDonald’s) for brands, too. Just watch Super Bowl commercials to see how deeply hashtags have penetrated marketing, and the great campaigns of the past decade have almost always had a hashtag. Here, 10 of the most memorable hashtags in marketing from the past decade.

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