How BusinessBlocks Grew Their Business by 600% in 6 months using HubSpot and Amplified Inbound Marketing

By Noa Eshed

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What’s BusinessBlocks?

BusinessBlocks is a business that loves small business. In fact, its mission is to empower Main Street to live the American Dream. Justin Kulla started the venture-backed online education company for one reason: to help small businesses that have never had any formal business training/education to succeed.

Justin grew up in a small business; his parents started one a month before he was born. He watched his parents experience both good and bad years with the business, and he became obsessed with figuring out how to make his parents’ life easier.

Fast forward to 2015, Justin and the BusinessBlocks team set off to assemble the world’s first online MBA designed specifically for small business.

The result: BusinessBlocks offers marketing and finance courses designed specifically to meet the needs of small business owners eager for practical knowledge they can apply immediately.

What was their challenge?

Once the business was launched, the team made a few attempts to advertise using paid media. Those attempts were unfortunately not successful. When they approached us we identified that there were two main challenges to overcome:

  1. Positioning and authority. Why would a small business owner trust that BusinessBlocks could help them grow their business, reach more customers and generate profit? Simply running a bottom of the funnel campaign, sending people to a landing page that invites them to sign up to a course (or even a free trial) wouldn’t do the trick. People’s time is a valuable commodity, especially for small business owners who find themselves having to wear a lot of different hats.
  2. Time to market. As is typical with most startups, we needed to generate immediate results. We couldn’t wait until we had full inbound marketing funnels in place.

The Solutions

Since we had to build authority and create a quick and impactful campaign, we decided to incorporate 3 marketing methods:

  1. Inbound marketing using HubSpot in order to build authority
  2. Paid media campaigns to grow exposure and drive targeted buyer personas to the top of the funnel
  3. Partner webinars to generate quality leads at zero cost through the partners’ marketing efforts

Inbound Marketing using HubSpot

We needed to:

  • Launch an effective inbound marketing campaign in a short time frame
  • Create a swift and effective onboarding process
  • Create a personalized buyer’s journey for relevant incoming leads including:
    • Contextual blog content
    • Gated content offers
    • Call to actios aimed at driving traffic to designated landing pages and thank you pages
    • Automate nurturing campaigns and progression emails aimed at pushing prospects down their own buyer’s journey
    • Create numerous variations of landing pages to test and optimize different micro-segments

HubSpot was an obvious choice as it answers all of the above needs.

Paid Media

We used Google and Facebook as the main media channels to amplify the inbound marketing efforts. The idea was to not wait for the inbound marketing efforts to kick in organically. We targeted relevant keywords sending prospects to download content offers and participate in webinars. We also used Google and Facebook’s remarketing capabilities to progress top of the funnel leads down the funnel.

Partner Webinars

BusinessBlocks partnered with leading companies in the small business space to create high-value webinars for Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community