How Creating a Sense of Urgency Helped Me Increase Sales By 332%

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In 2012, I launched a kind of ‘Groupon deal for musicians’, where I gave away $1,250 worth of products, including recording time, iTunes distribution, and a guitar string endorsement deal for just $69 for 100 hours only. There were only 5,000 packages available.

I had invested a lot into this campaign. Not only had I spent four months putting the campaign together, but I had also put a significant amount of my personal savings into ensuring that this campaign was everywhere during those 100 hours.

All this to say, there was a lot on the line. It had to work.

Because there was so much on the line, and I knew this would be exposed to millions, I obsessed over conversion rate. A mere 1% increase in conversion rate could have been the difference between a huge loss and a decent profit.

In the end, my obsession over the conversion rate paid off – I managed to increase my conversion rate from 2.5% to 10.8%.

While there were a range of factors that influenced this increase, the single largest factor was increasing the amount of scarcity and urgency.

How I Increased Sales By 332% Using Scarcity & Urgency

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