How Digital Personalization Boosts Conversion of Brick and Mortar Stores

By Al Gomez

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These days, everyone seems to have a need to get personal. In the retail industry, specifically, more than half of the consumers surveyed (59%) says that personalization influences their purchasing decisions.

This is an indication that businesses should leverage on online personalization to fuel higher conversion rate. Specifically, business needs to get into online personalization to bring life to business in a post brick and mortar era.

Rather than repelling from the digital approach, retail marketers should embrace online personalization to drive conversion towards their brick and mortar stores.

Bridge The Gap With Personalize App

With apps getting more in demand for users, how will you make your app stand out and drive leads towards your brick and mortar stores? App personalization allows you to bridge the gap between your business and consumers.

Walmart App

Walmart, for example, streamlines the customer experience in a physical store by providing a one-stop app which allows consumers to create a shopping list through bar codes or voice input, check availability and pricing and check aisle locations of specific shopping items. It also allows customers to pay at the store fast and easy and it provides notifications for special savings, and rollbacks.

Nowadays, customers are always on the lookout for value. Through app personalization, you can provide them with experiences that are meaningful and valuable for them.

Create A Call To Action Through Email Personalization

Sending customized emails to consumers can drive more engagement towards your business. But, of course, you need every bit of information you can gather to effectively create a compelling content without crossing the line of invading consumer’s privacy.

Analyzing the data you have gathered is important so you can understand what your consumers want to receive and what are your limitations. Take into consideration their purchasing behavior. Construct emails based on their preferences and not yours.

Likewise, you don’t have to use all data you gathered to create a personalized message. Learn to differentiate relevant data from data that overlaps personal space. Send them messages that talks to them. More than just sending a message, you should prioritize how your message is delivered. You should effectively convince them to act.

One good example of a personalized email which can help you direct your customers to your physical stores is through exclusive deal invitations during special occasions like birthdays.

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen, for example, provides special deals to their fan club members during birthdays.

Creating valuable and meaningful email messages can go a long way. So make sure you have a well-thought personalized email content to ensure it won’t go to the trash.

Create A Personalize Web Experience

According to the survey, there are about 74% of marketers who say that personalize web experience actually increase their customer engagement. Think about it. If you cannot provide consumers with what they are looking for, they can easily find an alternative provider.

Through personalized web experience, you can have an opportunity to direct consumers towards your physical store. Give your consumers a personalized service and it’ll be easy for you to Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community