How Much Copy to Write on Your Home Page?

How Much Copy to Write on Your Home Page?

If you’ve looked at enough SaaS websites, you’ve probably noticed a bit of a theme: home pages designed to act as landing pages.

They have minimal top navigation. Or in some cases, they have none at all. Their intent is to get their visitors to take a very specific action – usually sign up for a free trial of a service.

For conversion purposes, they can be a dream come true. Having a page that funnels people directly from offer to customer means less steps in the website journey process for them to get lost.

At least, that’s what they’re designed to do – making them a desirable option for any business that wants it’s visitors to take one action on the page.

The problem is writing copy for them can be a confusing process because it’s too easy to forget they often function more like a long form sales page than a traditional home page.

How much is enough copy?

Time and time again I get asked this along with it’s corollary: “How do I decide what’s most relevant to include in my copy?” It’s the classic long copy vs short copy debate.

My stock answer: It depends.

In fact, it depends on a lot of …read more

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