How Personalized Marketing Can Increase Your eCommerce Sales  Books

Marketing doesn’t end after you’ve attracted new users to your website. Marketing doesn’t end after you’ve made the sale.

If you’re interested in increasing customer lifetime value, know the real journey begins after that first sale is made.

Personalized marketing – messages and actions tailored to the visitor based on their previous viewing & purchasing behavior- is the key to all of this.

Here’s an example you may be familiar with:

It seems so simple, but even Apple, the most valuable company on the planet, isn’t taking full advantage of personalized marketing.

A couple weeks ago, I bought an iPad Air on Apple’s website, and when I go back, you know what I see?

An iPad Air. Just like everybody else.

Apple knows I bought an iPad Air, so why show me again? Why not feature a case, or some nice manly accessory to go along with my new purchase?

Macintosh HD:Users:josek:Desktop:apple-store.png

Though price may be a barrier for some companies, it certainly is not for Apple, so why not include personalized marketing into their online shopping experience? Part of it may be due to the mentality of marketers as a whole.

According to a joint study by Econsultancy & Adobe, 63% of companies …read more

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