How P&G’s Pritchard Helped Fuel TAG’s Fight Against Ad Fraud

The Trustworthy Accountability Group, an industry watchdog primarily focused on fighting ad fraud, said Tuesday that the number of companies to have received its “Certified Against Fraud” seal has more than doubled since April, with 26 companies added since then.

The news comes roughly one year after Marc Pritchard, chief brand officer at Procter & Gamble, said his company would require “any entity touching digital media” to go through TAG’s Certified Against Fraud programor risk losing P&G business. P&G is regarded as the world’s largest advertiser, spending some $4 billion each year.

“No question, when Marc Pritchard made his call to action it created an incredible amount of momentum around TAG,” says Mike Zaneis CEO at TAG. “There’s a saying on putting your money where your mouth is and in this case, it was billions of dollars.”

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