How to Boost Sales Performance With an Effective Sales Dialer

By Matt Goldman

As the sales profession moves faster every day, a lot of competitors emerge. Sales teams need to step up their game if they want to stay for the long run. With the rapidly rising growth of technology, trends and tools swarm the market aiming to lend companies and sales organizations a hand in boosting sales growth.

Without a doubt, there is an unbearable pressure wearing down on most sales organizations these days, as the fluctuating economy and shrinking margins make it harder and harder to reach sales quota and drive revenue.

So, how do sales organizations boost sales growth? How do sales teams increase their productivity and enhance their performance? Let’s find out.

It’s all about the people behind the sales teams. From the sales managers down to sales representatives, success in sales growth all comes down to them. Sales representatives – the front-liners and first responders who carry the future profits of the company on their backs – are taking on bigger territories, facing higher quotas, and making more customer contacts than ever. Sales performance management is the key. Our goal is to find effective tools to help them be more productive and create ways for them to be more organized and accelerate their output.

What is Sales Performance Management?

Sales performance management is the practice of monitoring and guiding personnel to improve their ability to sell products or services. A key objective of the sales performance management process is to educate and motivate salespeople to set attainable goals and satisfy customers.

In our modern times, the process of pursuing a lead and closing a sale has transformed completely due to technological advances. Whereas sales representatives in the past relied heavily on costly travel and face-to-face meetings with potential customers to conduct what is known as outside sales, today’s Internet – coupled with a host of advanced web tools–has fueled the contemporary practice of inside sales, or the process of conducting sales remotely. With tools such as CRM, web conferencing, predictive analytics, and social media platforms, sales representatives are able to pursue leads with greater efficiency and consistency – these are the key elements of sales acceleration. Sales acceleration is further fueled even more by a critical technology used in the contact center: a sales dialer.

There are different types of sales dialers, namely: progressive dialing, predictive dialing, preview dialing, and manual dialing. The first three are automatic dialing modes, which sets them apart from manual dialing.

Let’s briefly discuss their differences in order to highlight their advantages, and learn how they can help improve sales performance.

Manual Dialing

Agents manually dial a customer’s phone number, they spend a considerable amount of time reviewing paper records or computer terminal screens, selecting the person to be called, finding the phone number, dialing the number, updating the records after each call and if the customer doesn’t answer, the agent has to remember this and call the customer later. With manual dialing, agents spend more time attempting to find a prospect and waiting until the call is connected than talking.

Progressive Dialing

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