How To Build A Better, More Relevant Audience on Instagram

By Sahail Ashraf

How To Build A Better, More Relevant Audience On Instagram

One of the golden rules of marketing is ‘make sure you’re talking to the right audience’.

With a brand online, and on social media, this can sometimes turn out to be less than straightforward.

Social media is capable of bringing a lot of people to your door, but this also means that some people can turn up and follow you and, let’s be honest, never really have the need or circumstances in which they want to buy from you.

There is some work to be done here for any brand because social media can become so big and effective that you just keep taking in fans on a daily basis. And because it is so fast, you could end up with an audience that contains people who are not right for you.

We’re looking at Instagram today because it’s a thriving platform, and it has a feature that allows users to effectively engineer or tweak their audience so that it is more relevant. The potential benefits here are huge.

Knowing that you are updating your stuff to an audience that is not only aware of you but is more likely to be engaged makes your life a whole lot easier. One of the first things we will look at is a feature that is a little subtle. People are still not aware (generally speaking) of the value of this first feature, but we think it goes a long way towards making your brand more locally relevant.


This is where you take a photo and you simply tag the place or location that you take it in. It is very simple, and it allows you to tell your audience where you are. And if you are in a place that is local to your audience, all the better.

By geotagging as much as possible, you will become known as a local brand, which adds a ton of trust to everything you do on Instagram. This is a feature that was never (let’s be honest) made relevant for brands by Instagram itself. But the benefits that you could receive simply by tagging locally makes it a valuable time investment.

Oh, yeah, share

You know where you already have a built-in audience because they keep coming there? That’s right. Your blog is one of the most important places to help you build a custom audience on Instagram. We are talking about using your blog as a kind of bank of users. The more people subscribe to your blog or revisit, the more of an audience you can build. And that audience is into what you’re doing, so get them back on over to Instagram.

One of the simplest things you can do with your blog is displaying a widget that allows you to share your images in the sidebar, for example. There are hundreds of widgets out there for blogs, and some good ones when it comes to sharing Instagram feeds.

By doing this on your blog, you have an audience that is already Go to the full article.

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