How to Build Habit Forming Products w/ Nir Eyal

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Nir Eyal, Stanford Business School lecturer, start up mentor, and author of “Hooked: How To Build Habit Forming Products.”

Nir’s research is fascinating.

He studies how businesses design habit forming products that create “unprompted user engagement”- like the habit that makes you check your phone 30 times a day without realizing it.

Though Nir’s research focuses mostly on technology companies, the insights his research provides can easily be translated to what we do here.

Nir’s “Hook Cycle” puts a framework around the reasons why we keep coming back to the same companies so you can understand how you can influence your customers habits.

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In my interview with Nir, we discuss:

  • How habit forming products are everywhere and changing our behaviors on a fundamental levels
  • The 4 step “Hook” model to build addictive products
  • How this model can be applied to e-commerce and SaaS products
  • Where most founders miss the mark
  • What metrics you should look at to find your “Hook”

Pay close attention, because what Nir shares will be extremely beneficial to the entire conversion optimization process. …read more

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