How To Come Up With A Value Proposition When What You Sell ISN’T Unique


How do I come up with a unique value proposition? What I sell isn’t unique.

If you’re working on improving your business, you know there’s no shortage about why you need a unique value proposition.

You’ve probably even seen a handful of solid examples, but when you go to write your own, you hit a wall.

You’ve got too many competitors, they’re selling the same stuff, and it looks like all the good value propositions are taken.

What can you do?

In this article, let’s explore the process and mindset necessary to create a killer value proposition when you’re in a crowded market.

By the time we’re done you’ll know:

  • How to examine the competition
  • The reasons why people buy online
  • & How turn shopper’s buying motivations into a unique value proposition that sells

Disclaimer: this article is a companion piece to Peep’s “Useful Value Proposition Examples ( and How To Create A Good One)

As such, if value propositions are new to you, or you’d like an in-depth look at value proposition best practices, you should open his article in another tab, and read it after you’re done here.

Not Being Alone Isn’t Such A Bad Thing.

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