How to Define Purchase Intent in the Data Age

There’s no question that today’s marketers will be left behind if they’re not using data in their digital advertising campaigns. The entire industry relies on both first- and third-party data when making their ad buys and targeting their audiences. However, despite understanding the power of data in theory, data providers and planners still lack clarity and confidence in the type of data they’re using.

Nearly two-thirds of marketers are not entirely clear on the origins of the data they employ in their ad campaigns. Beyond that, three-in-four marketers are not fully confident that the data they’re using reaches in-market consumers.

Recent events support the growing skepticism and mistrust when it comes to advertisers and data providers. Facebook has disclosed a series of measurement glitches that reflect material discrepancies between actual campaign performance and what was originally reported by the platform. Twitter has faced similar pressure from brands that are questioning whether the platform is over-reporting the presence and impact of bots on brand campaigns.

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