How to Find & Fix Terrible UX On Your Site

eyetracking study

Could you imagine a situation where 72% of your customers think that the content on your site was completely disconnected from what they really wanted?

What if you discovered that only a measly 14% of your customers actually valued a relationship with you and your brand?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but according to recent research done by CEB Marketing, this might just be the case. What’s even more frightening, is how highly marketers (that is you and me) think of themselves.

In the study, marketers believed that 44% of customers valued relationships with brands, and that the majority of their customers wanted to get content that showed how Their products fit into Customers lives.

Turns out, the marketers were wrong. Less than ⅓ of the consumers surveyed felt like this kind of content was important.

That is scary considering that it’s our interpretation of the data that influences the User Experience. We really do ruin everything.

Perhaps this isn’t as bad as it looks, and we can get away with misinterpretating the data, right?

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