How To Get The Best Results From Your Content Marketing Strategy

By Will Humphries

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The primary goal of your content marketing strategy is lead generation. However, your success depends on your ability to understand the factors that enable your content to attract qualified prospects.

The question on everyone’s lips is how to leverage great content for lead generation, incorporating buyer problems and pain points into the process.

To improve customer focus, marketing leaders are aligning their strategy to customers. And with Gartner showing that marketing budgets are continuing to rise for the third consecutive year in their 2016-2017 CMO Spend Survey, marketers are investing in tools and capabilities that drive digital commerce results.

Customer focus, personalization, relevancy, and measurement via analytics and attribution, are the key areas you should be concentrating on with your content marketing strategy.

Know Your Best Customers

A gap in communication between marketing and sales is a major hurdle to content marketing success in typical organisations. Salespeople rely on marketers to build strong prospect profiles that enable reps to understand the contacts they call on. However, marketers need reps to do their part by inputting accurate details and notes throughout the buying process. And indeed, after the deal has been completed.

Before you can build content that meets the interests of a B2B buyer at a particular journey stage, you need a clear picture of the prospect’s traits, interests, motives, and behaviours. Therefore, when creating personas, include descriptions of your buyer’s interests as he progresses through the buyer journey. Great content matches up with what a prospect is looking for at a particular stage in the funnel.

Using these insights will help you reach similar prospects, however, it doesn’t finish there. You need to understand the lifetime value of your clients to get a complete picture of who are your best customers.

Learn Buyer Pain Points

Before you can produce content that offers useful information to a target, you need to understand his problems and deep pain points. Problems are the critical business issues that particular prospects of a given solution normally face. For instance, a seller of a new software program may have prospects who struggle with a current program that is difficult to use, lacks important features, or is inefficient.

Pain points get beneath the surface and allow you to know more about a person’s causes of stress, frustration, tension, or passion. It takes in-depth research and well-documented experiences with customers to gain a solid awareness of your prospect’s pain points. However, the more fully and deeply you know what troubles a B2B buyer looking to resolve a problem, the greater your ability to produce content to match.

Nonetheless, your content should be focussed on how you can assist the buyer at this stage of their journey.

Know Industry Trends and Buying Processes

We’ve all heard the statistic from SiriusDecisions that B2B buyers conduct about 70 percent of their purchasing process online before talking with a company representative. This process usually begins with a Google search and continues with a quest for useful, relevant content that offers insights on problem-resolution.

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Source:: Business2Community