How to Improve Marketing ROI through CRO

By Thad Kahlow

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today isn’t garnering attention—in fact, with more and more emphasis on social media and digital awareness, it’s never been easier to get eyes on your business. Brands seem to explode out of nowhere. They pop up online and make a name for themselves, but very few do more than that. The struggle many companies face is turning that attention into something productive and profitable, effectively converting the user into a customer and prove the value of marketing within the organization.

Often businesses fail at that final step – to turn a prospect or searcher into a lead or customer. They need conversions. In a world that is increasingly becoming more mobile, businesses have to start to rethink the ways in which they are getting users to convert on their digital properties. Here are some basic questions to ask about your mobile presence:

  • Is your website optimized for mobile?
  • Are your forms easy to fill out on a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device?
  • Are you reaching the customer where they are at—on social media apps or other mobile platforms—to capture their attention and get them to convert?

These are all questions that must be answered for businesses to improve their conversion rates and ultimately prove and improve their marketing ROI. It doesn’t matter how sophisticated your marketing efforts are, whether or not you can connect online and offline sales to prove your return, or to what extent you can get your business in front of the right audience—if you can’t take the necessary steps to move a user from the research to decision phase, you won’t thrive.

Prove and Improve Marketing ROI


Consider how jarring it must be for a prospect to search for a solution, find the ideal message in an ad or social platform, but then be directed to a homepage with no relevant message or way to continue the conversation. The evolution to a conversion-optimized experience isn’t as arduous as it might seem. But if one piece of the puzzle is missing, then all the attribution, dollars spent on digital marketing, and time put in by your team is wasted.

We see it all the time with our clients, many B2B enterprise companies that have established in-person relationships with their clients but struggle to break out into new markets and capture new audiences. Often it is because their website and landing pages haven’t evolved with their marketing programs. They are ready to adopt new forms of inbound media without doing the work required to optimize their sites and landing pages to ensure they are in line with the programs they are running. So much of the culture in marketing is to cast a wide net and hope something catches. But why waste time on things that might prove fruitless when you can do less and do it better? Don’t spend dollars where your time is being wasted.

Take a look at your marketing efforts, both in the past and currently. Every business is different, and Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community