How to Join, Participate In and Host Twitter Chats Like A Pro

By Pankaj Narang

How to Join, Participate In and Host Twitter Chats Like A Pro

If you haven’t participated in a Twitter chat yet, then you are missing out on something.

Twitter chats provide a remarkable opportunity for marketers to expand their social circle, increase their customer knowledge and create brand awareness at the same time.

As you may already know, Twitter chats involve various participants talking about a common subject using a designated hashtag. Twitter chats are moderated by a host and take place for a specific time duration.

With over 300 million active users, Twitter is certainly a force to be reckoned with. According to experts, by using Twitter chats, marketers can drastically boost the overall reach of their brand.

But don’t worry if you haven’t participated in any Twitter chats before. In this post, I’ll advise you how to host, join or participate in Twitter chats like a pro.

Let’s get started!

How do I join a Twitter chat?

Before simply jumping into a Twitter chat, take a second to sit back and observe what’s going on to make the most of it. Think of it as a relationship. Take it slow.

Start by identifying upcoming or ongoing Twitter chats that are related to your industry or niche. Make a list and prioritize those that will give you more exposure as a brand.

Take advantage of platforms like Twubs, Chat Salad and The Chat Diary to keep up with which chats are taking place on any given day. These platforms will put the hard yards into finding relevant Twitter chats for you. They will find them and then alert you about them shortly before they kick off so that you can then decide if you wish to take part.

Alternatively, the Twitter advanced search option can help you look for not just people or tweets, but upcoming chats as well. In the ‘words’ section of the advanced search feature, you can provide phrases like ‘tweetchat’, ‘Twitter chat’, etc. Additionally, you can provide keywords that are related to your industry.

Furthermore, in the ‘people’ section, you can look for tweets that belong to a certain account. This will help you identify upcoming chats in no time.

Next, spend a bit of time observing people interacting with each other in the chat to get familiar with the other participants.

There will be a few individuals that stand out during the chat. It is always constructive to follow key participants (as long as they stand out for the right reasons!). You can always retweet their content or show your support while interacting with them.

Be mindful that while Twitter chats are not the place to promote your business or brand directly, your Twitter profile should be up to date and ready to impress. Pin a tweet to the top of your page about your business or brand. Needless to say, your profile needs to create a strong impression, so make sure your bio Go to the full article.

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