How To Make Mobile Convert: The Most Common Mobile Store Mistakes

How To Make Mobile Convert: The Most Common Mobile Store Mistakes

This is the first of a two-part series on mobile conversion and how to improve it. It’s based on thousands of user tests conducted by UserTesting, the leading usability testing service for mobile apps and websites.

If there’s a consensus about anything in the fast-changing mobile market, it’s the idea that mobile eCommerce conversions are lower than they are on personal computers.

Smartphones have the lowest conversion, but tablets are also generally seen as lower than computers.

For example, Monetate reported that conversion on personal computer websites is three times the rate on smartphones:

Monetate, Q4 2013

Other sources tell a similar story:

Mobile Conversion Rates Mobify

“It doesn’t matter which category your business is in, it’s highly likely that your mobile conversion rates are still below 1%, even with a smartphone-optimized site.“

Mobify, February 2014

crate and barrel research

“Crate & Barrel reported a tablet conversion rate of 2.35% but a smartphone conversion rate of only 0.92% “

Wired, February 2014

Why Doesn’t Mobile Convert?

Although we all agree that conversion is usually lower on mobile, there’s not a consensus on why it happens.

A common explanation is, “Smartphones are more of browse or research platform rather …read more

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