How to Make Your Confirmation Emails Not Suck (and Make Money)

How to Make Your Confirmation Emails Not Suck (and Make Money)

Confirmation emails may be the least developed customer touchpoint. These standard, expected emails are often as delightful as your typical in-store receipt (read: not at all delightful). Because confirmation emails are triggered by the user’s actions, your customers are expecting something – which means they open, notice and engage with them.

Experian found that confirmation emails had average click-through rates from 12 to 20 percent, approximately five times the rate of bulk mailings. The same trend held across any email metric including open rates, revenue-per-email and transaction rate.

Uninspired confirmation emails are a missed opportunity to upsell, provide great customer service and generally do something memorable while your customer is already paying attention.

That’s the principle that drove Isabella, a health and wellness retail company, to change their text-only receipts to an HTML-rich email leveraging their recommendation feature. The new emails saw a 111 percent higher conversion rate than existing sales or alerts emails.


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Isabella did quite a bit to get these results – they launched the recommendations feature, moved to an HTML rich format and aligned their web and email experiences.

Essentially, Isabella leveraged the online-version of the moment when you’re asked “Would …read more

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