How to Run a Successful Instagram Competition (2017)

By Carlo Pacis

How to Run a Successful Instagram Competition (2017)

Instagram competitions are awesome for business. They help you reach engage new fans and generate leads with the serious potential to drive massive sales.

They’re one of the most popular ways to market on the visual media platform, because it’s one of the most effective methods to reach new customers and drive top-of-mind brand awareness.

You might be convinced of the value, but you’re not sure where to get started – luckily, I’ve put together this step-by-step guide that will help you run your own Instagram competition!

Let’s get started.

How to Run an Instagram Competition Step 1: Choose your prize

When you’re putting together your Instagram competition, you’ll want to think long and hard about your prize. Why? Your prize is generally the biggest determinant when we’re talking about people choosing whether or not they want to enter your contest.

As beloved as your company may be, even your most loyal fans won’t enter a contest if there’s nothing in it for them. You wouldn’t give someone your email and personal information if there wasn’t some sort of benefit in it for you, and neither will they. Keep that in mind when you pick a prize – you want it to be awesome and exciting enough that people will take the time to enter your Instagram competition.

Here are some Instagram competition prize ideas:

  • Choose a prize that’s related to your brand. We’ve all seen companies give away things like iPads and trips to Mexico. This is great for large brands who are doing it to generate immediate buzz and remain top-of-mind, but it’s not awesome if you’re a business looking to generate real results and drive sales. Picking a brand-related prize like one of your products or a gift card helps you make sure everyone who enters your Instagram competition is interested in your business.

    How to Run a Successful Instagram Competition (2017)

  • Create a prize bundle: Putting together a package of prizes helps sweeten the deal by upping the value of your prize. A potential participant might not want to enter if they only stand to win a $10 product, but a $500 prize package might help change their mind. The best package is a bundle of different products from your brand, but you can also add other related products.

    How to Run a Successful Instagram Competition (2017)

  • Partner with other brands:* Consider partnering with other companies within your industry to offer an enticing prize package. Besides allowing you to create a bundle that’s a little more exciting than one that includes only your own products, partnering with another brand allows you to double up on your marketing efforts, effectively increasing the reach of your Instagram competition and maximizing its success.

    How to Run a Successful Instagram Competition (2017)

How to Run an Instagram Competition Step 2: Define your competition rules

Instagram’s an awesome place to run your giveaway because pretty much anything goes. This is awesome because it gives you a ton of different options when it comes to actually running your Instagram competition. Let’s Go to the full article.

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