How to Set up a "One Channel" Youtube Channel — Part 1

About 2 months ago, Youtube introduced an entirely new channel layout.  They are calling it “one channel” and one of the main reasons for the new layout is so it is optimized for screens of all sizes…from the large flat-screen TV’s to the smart phone.

We are in the process of setting up a new channel for the Action Seminar, so I decided to take this opportunity to show what can be done for the new channels and how to do it.  This is from the perspective of someone who is not a youtube “expert” so it should be of value to even those who are not terribly “techy” and want easy-to-understand information that they can put to use themselves.

In this first video I take a look at the new channel and show how to set up the header (called channel art in youtubespeak) and thumbnail and add links, both to the header, the about page and the sidebar.
Click on the arrow to play:

Curated From…: John Carlton