How to Successfully Launch a Podcast in 4 Steps

By Nicolas Brasch & Astrid Edwards

How to Successfully Launch a Podcast in 4 Steps

Everyone’s doing it nowadays! On the train to work. Walking to the shops. At the gym. They’ve got their ear phones in and they’re listening to … not music. Music is so ‘yesterday’. They’re listening to podcasts.

Podcasts have taken the world by storm. And why not? What a great way to provide entertainment and information to people in a format that is accessible and can be consumed when and where the audience wants.

Many have a massive following: I’m thinking Tim Ferris, Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas.

In fact:

  • Podcast audiences grew around 25% in the past year
  • In the United States, as many people listen to podcasts as use Twitter
  • Around 2/3 of podcasts are listened to as people are ‘on the move’
  • Weekly podcast listeners consume an average of five shows per week
  • Major media companies are putting more and more resources into the production of podcasts to further engage their audience.

Source: Jay Baer, The 5 Key 2016 Podcast Statistics

But anyone thinking of creating a podcast – and why wouldn’t you – needs to go in with their eyes open. While podcasting is more accessible than ever, with the smart phone continuing to revolutionise creating and consuming content, creating a podcast that stands out – attracting downloads and growing your business or reputation – remains a challenge.

But it can be done. We’ve done it. We’re the creators of the The Garret Podcast and we’re going to share our experience with you. So here are four steps, using The Garret as a case study, to help you create your podcast. We think these steps are critical to anyone thinking about launching their first podcast.

Step 1: Focus

Define your idea

Yes, you do need a unique value proposition. Thousands – literally thousands – of podcasts find themselves on iTunes without an audience. Refine your idea and articulate how it is different from what else is on offer.

There are many literary podcasts out there, and so The Garret focused on interviewing the best writers about the craft of writing – not emerging writers, and not great writers talking about their latest book.

Identify your audience

If you don’t know your audience, you won’t reach them. Who do you want to listen? How will you reach them? What other podcasts do they listen to? Why will they listen to you?

The Garret launched Season 1 with Melbourne’s literary community in mind, with social media support lined up with four Melbourne-based literary organisations. The goal is to expand Australia wide after creating a solid core audience.

Know your competitors

Don’t launch a podcast without listening to your competitors. You can always learn from others, whether it is learning what works or what doesn’t. And once you are established, there may be opportunities to cross promote or collaborate on specific opportunities.

There is plenty of competition in Melbourne’s literary community, and so defining the idea in a way that did not replicate what anyone else was doing was important.

Step 2: Prepare

Pick your platform(s) and host

iTunes is the dominant platform by far, so don’t ignore it. Go to the full article.

Source:: Juff Bullas Blog