How to Turn Your Automation Talent into Dynamic Career Opportunities

By Mark Miller

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Automation is one of the most in-demand skills in marketing and all of business heading in 2017. That has big career implications for professionals who have acquired and honed relevant skills in recent months and years.

More and more businesses are realizing the potential value in a streamlined, well-automated marketing operation. Demand for this talent in the form of marketing automation consultants and full-time hires is rising and marketing automation is in full swing at many businesses–but supply isn’t keeping up.

If you’ve been adding automation to your marketing stack in any capacity, you have the opportunity to translate your experience into better pay, a higher-level job, or a more exciting role at another company.

The Automation Skills in Highest Demand

If you have automation experience yourself, or are looking to stay on top and add some more, consider looking into one of these areas for career opportunities.

  • Email is one of the oldest and most mature areas for automation. They’re a natural fit for each other. Yet despite how well-developed this discipline is, professionals are still highly sought-after. Smaller organizations and growing businesses find the low barrier to entry and manageable costs highly attractive. Larger marketing operations are actively seeking automation professionals who are highly analytical and innovative, who can find incremental improvements through platforms like GetResponse that add up to big ROI.
  • E-commerce is another especially hot area for automation experts. As online shopping becomes more and more prevalent, customers have developed growing expectations for a seamless, streamlined experience. Automating transaction workflows and personalized resale/upsell messaging improves customer experience and grows sales.
  • Finally, general CRM automation and integration is huge and growing. There are more than 3,500 pieces of technology available to marketers to help them better reach their audience. But making all those myriad tools work in concert for maximum effectiveness is incredibly difficult. Adoption of major CRM integration platforms is rising quickly, and mastery of any one of them tends to translate well to any of the others.

Proving Your Automation Aptitude

Say you’ve got some marketable automation skills. Great! How can you turn them into active career opportunities?

The resume

Step one is to polish up your resume and make sure that it’s up-to-date with the automation experience you want to promote. Given how well they might be able to market a brand or product, it’s amazing how many marketers do a poor job at marketing themselves on their resume.

Explaining automation experience on a resume is a delicate balance. You want to be detailed enough to fully convey your understanding of automation, but brief enough not to hog up too much sparse resume real estate.

The most important thing to do with your automation resume is to tie your experience directly to significant, meaningful contributions to the business and, ultimately, ROI. How did the automated processes you set up affect conversions and sales? Make sure to avoid simply listing your responsibilities—businesses hiring automation experts want to hear about Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community