How to Turn Your Future Boss into a Mind Controlled Zombie

This article is about frame control and pattern interrupts. It demonstrates the power of these powerful NLP Techniques through an example where I dropped an interviewer in to trance and shovelled loads of post hypnotic suggestions to employ me in to his head.

My hosting company was hacked on Wednesday. This meant the website was down for 36 hours. This was a problem in its self but shortly before the site went down I had sent an email out for people to come and look at my latest article. The net result was I received a flood of emails and was too busy to answer many of them. So in a bizarre way my mini series of articles about pattern interrupts has suffered from a pattern interrupt.

This article is a stop gap to give me some breathing space and consolidate before getting back to that series. That said as way of apology this article has some direct application for the frame control and pattern interrupt thing we have been discussing. And I have a special offer on one of my courses as well.

Utilisation – A Hypnotists Approach to Disruption

One thing a good hypnotist will do is utilise whatever is occurring as part of the overall approach. When I used to do 121 work with clients I got used to using a particular pattern, “…take that as a sign that…”

I might be taking someone through a trance induction and a police siren might go off outside (my office is in the middle of Glasgow City Centre). I might say something like, “As you are relaxing deeper you may here a siren in the background take that to be a sign that you are going even deeper in to trance.”

In a sales meeting when the prospect interrupts me to ask a distracting

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