How to Use Trello to Organize Your Company

By Vanessa Rombaut

Trello PieSync

Trello is a powerful web-based task management tool that is completely free to use. Find out how you can use this amazing productivity tool to help your rapidly expanding business.

What Is Trello?

I use Trello to organize my day and for organizing my editorial calendar. The basic layout of Trello is a web page that contains lists laid out horizontally across the web page so you can get a quick overview of the project you’re working on. You can sign-up here: Trello

You can then create a board by clicking on the + icon next to your name:

Trello PieSync

You can create as many boards as you like and invite people to join the boards to help you collaborate on a project. You can do this by clicking on “Add Members” in the menu on the right-hand side of the board:

Add Members Trello Board PieSync

You will see a dashboard that is made up of three elements, the board, lists, and cards:

Trello, PieSync

Think of it as a corkboard with post-its stuck on it. The board is the representation of the overall project. The lists are the various stages of the project, for example, if you run a blog, you could have three lists “Researching”, “Writing”, and “Published”. The cards are the “To-do” items, or tasks, that need to be completed, for example, you could have under the “Researching” list a card that says “Researching Trello Blog topic”.

You can add color coded labels to these cards:

Trello Labels PieSync

Trello Company Overview Board

While Trello is a great way to organize your workflows, this amazing tool can also help you with your rapidly expanding company.

One of the pain points of rapidly expanding companies is maintaining a clear view on different department tasks and how they fit into the overall company picture.

A Company Overview Board can help alleviate this pain point by creating a birds-eye view of the entire company, company priorities and the projects different departments are working on. The idea is that anyone in the company can view the various projects that other departments are working on, so everyone can keep up to speed with what is going on. They can also offer to provide assistance or feedback to their colleagues.

This first list on the board is “Teams.” This first card on the list is a “How to use this Board card” – this is helpful to ensure that all members of the team understand how the board works, and also helps with new employee onboarding.

How to use this board trello PieSync

In this list, there is a card for each department, as Go to the full article.

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