How We Drive Massive Growth by Running Calculated, High-Risk Tests

By James Scherer

How We Drive Massive Growth by Running Calculated, High-Risk Tests

The Wishpond growth team is made up of a bunch of great and (frankly) pretty ballsy people.

It’s Carlo, Kevin and I (Wishpond’s content team), Mateus (head of optimization), Nick (CMO), Ali (Wishpond founder and CEO) and then Marya (our overworked marketing/UX designer).

At the beginning of each month we have a brainstorming session dedicated to growing Wishpond’s new revenue.

We sit down in the boardroom and come up with ideas, write them on the whiteboard and then run an ICE evaluation of those ideas.

Ali runs it and we all come prepared. Even so, with several coffee and stretch breaks, it takes us more than two hours from beginning to end – but it establishes what a lot of those people do with our days in the coming month.

This is all pretty standard…

The difference between this meeting and those I’ve attended at other companies is that we don’t mess around with low-impact tests. We change prices. We overhaul design. We change the flow of our website and the flow of our conversion funnel. And we do it every single month.

Unless you know what you’re doing, this kind of growth marketing can bite you in the ass.

This guide will break down the exact process we use to run calculated, high-risk, high-impact conversion tests.

Let’s get into it!

Starting the Process – Where we Get our Ideas

There are three primary strategies for brainstorming good growth strategies. I’ll rank them in the order of impact…

1. We Steal:

I’ll give you an example…

About a month ago I was doing my ordinary visit to the websites of companies I love (as well as a few competitors). I do it at least once a week, as well as subscribe to their newsletters, to keep up on what they’re developing and what seems to work for them.

Before i dive into this, you need to know that it’s not enough to create a testing hypothesis based solely on “so-and-so did it so it’s worth trying.” You need to come up with a legitimate justification beyond that.

But it can be the inspiration; the reason you explore the idea.

So I notice that Klientboost has moved their signup form and flow from a new page of their website into a modal window (an overlay which pops up when you click “sign up” or something similar).

How We Drive Massive Growth by Running Calculated, High-Risk Tests

Given that we’ve had a lot of success with modals/click popups on our blog, this was more than enough for us to start our own tests following their lead.

The top 5 companies I keep an eye on for “inspiration:”

2. We Follow Instructions:

There are a half dozen fantastic growth-minded resources from which we take direction. In general, if Rand Fishkin says something and shows his work, the strategy is worth looking into.

For us, it’s all about the people who are showing their work. Our growth team is, predominantly, beyond “best practices.” Yes we keep them in mind when designing a test, Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community