How You Can Double Your Sales Team’s Output

By Chris Zawisza

Not paying enough attention to the metrics of your outbound pipeline is what prevents you and your team from doubling your sales. Your super hardworking, but actually barely scraping by, team. Unfortunately, we have come across far too many sales teams like this. You know you have to double your sales opportunities from last month.

But there is no more money to hire more people and you are desperately searching for some way to turn one team’s output into two. So you are left wondering: how can I hit my numbers with the same team I have now? Is there any way I can hack lead generation to reach my targets?

Optimizing your pipeline is the key to doubling your sales

Luckily for all of the harried sales team leaders, business developers, and lead generators out there’s a solution so simple, it has been right under your noses the entire time. Remember the outbound equation we spoke about in our previous post?

Paying attention to the individual components of that equation is the key to doubling your sales. When you maintain and improve the metrics that are a part of the equation, you will be able to double your sales team’s output without bringing on a single new member.

Effective pipeline optimization means constantly striving to improve every metric in your outbound equation. Of course, you have a higher probability of improving some metrics more than others. The important thing is to know which metrics you should maintain and which ones should be worked on to improve the final result. To find out which are which, let’s have a look at each part of the equation starting at the end to see, which ones have the biggest impact on your results.

Close rate – the number of sales qualified leads that end up as closed deals

Your sales team should always be striving to improve their close rate but it depends on three factors:

  1. How good and competitive your product is

    No matter how good of a salesperson you are, you won’t be able to convince somebody to buy and stick with an uncompetitive product.

  2. How skilled your sales reps are

    The reason why they are so valuable to you and why you pay them so much commission is because they are highly skilled professionals. The more skilled they are, the more deals they can close.

  3. What sales supporting materials you have

    These can be case studies, competition comparisons, one-pagers, etc. They back up the claims of your salespeople with factual information and social proof (often more convincing than demonstrating value)

Attendance rate – the number of people who actually show up for your demos or meetings

You should ideally shot for 80% (because of course there will always be a few people who will miss a meeting). If you are starting with a lower number or see a drop, there are a couple quick fixes you can do:

  1. Get an automatic meeting scheduler like Calendly

    Not only will it remove any friction while scheduling your meeting but it also will send automatic reminders. If Go to the full article.

    Source:: Business2Community