Landing Page Best Practices: Remove Distractions, Be Bold & Tell a Story

Write Your Damn Book

Last Friday, Oli from Unbounce & Peep teamed up for the second episode of Page Fights where they tore apart contestants landing pages & give them actionable advice & best practices on how to make their landing pages better.

The winner of Page Fights gets 1 free year of Unbounce’s Pro 99 account, a half hour private consultation with Peep & free early membership into the ConversionXL self study course.

In this second episode, they reviewed 5 different landing pages with the page owners & went into more detail than Peep normally does in our regular website reviews, so hopefully you’ll find more value in it.

In case you don’t have time to watch the full 39:00 minute video, I’ve included the main takeaways as well as included links to helpful landing page best practice content from here & around the web.

Finalist 1 – Paul Jarvis, Write & Sell Your Damn Book

What’s interesting about this page is that it uses powerful copywriting to draw visitors into the page.

According to Paul, the page gets over 800 visitors/week & converts at about 24% (with no paid traffic)

Oli’s Feedback:

<img src="–e1400520349998.jpeg" alt="Oli" width="200" …read more

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