Lavazza Coffee Review: Start A Morning Off Right With Gran Aroma, Classico Or Perfetto Blends

By Shawn Rice

A good cup of coffee can be the pivotal moment that kicks off your morning right. Lavazza coffee combines coffees from different parts of the world. Every year, Lavazza is their pursut of the best coffees seek out plantations all over the world in order to create their specialized blends.

One of their various blends might be just the sip that you need to jumpstart your morning. Lavazza’s coffees are harvested, processed, mixed and roasted to create many different and balanced blends, and satisfy the taste of every one of us.

Everyone is different in their coffee cravings. Whether you desire a distinctive single origin coffee, dark espresso roast, or a full-bodied blend, Lavazza’s range of flavorsome drip coffees will be sure to awaken your taste buds and brighten your day. A good cup of coffee matters in the morning.

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Lavazza also takes into consideration regarding the intensity behind their blends. For this review, I enjoyed Gran Aroma, Classico or Perfetto coffee blends. With secret recipes for their blends, Lavazza creates a final product that is both unique and recognizable.

Check out my thoughts on the coffees below. Have you had any of these coffees from Lavazza? What is your favorite flavor from them? Let us know in the comments section.

Gran Aroma Coffee Blend

Gran Aroma is a balanced, highly aromatic blend of premium 100 percent Arabica beans from South America. You will enjoy a floral aroma and citrusy flavor profile. Lavazza believes this is ideal for the true coffee connoisseur and I would have to agree.

It smells amazing, in the bag and while brewing. It also tastes great too with a nice pour. It’s a very smooth coffee without the bitter taste.

Classico Coffee Blend

For their Classico blend, there is a balanced roast that produces its signature intense aroma of dried fruits. As you sip this blend, you will enjoy the rich and full body of beans sourced from South America and Africa. Consider making Classico a part of your everyday coffee ritual.

The taste is rich and nutty, very low acidity. Great robust coffee that works well with pour over coffee maker. The aroma is intoxicating and this coffee is super smooth.

Perfetto Coffee Blend

Finally, Perfetto is made from 100 percent carefully selected Arabica beans from Central and South America. In each pour, there are is bold and lingering caramel notes. Perfetto is roasted a bit longer to produce a “perfect” and characteristically Italian dark flavor profile.

Another delicious blend that is a bit stronger than the other two I had the pleasure of tasting. If you love the pure pleasure of espresso roasts, then Perfetto is the cup of coffee you will want.

Overall, it was a great experience sharing coffee from Lavazza. Again, what did you think I got right and what do you think I said wrong? Let us know in the comments Go to the full article.

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