Lead Nurturing: The Importance Of Leveraging Quality Content

By Will Humphries

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The discussion about using content as a lead generation tool has been significant and impactful in recent years. However, a topic that is often under-discussed is the importance of leveraging quality content in your lead nurturing.

Prospects attracted by your quality online content remain interested in useful, relevant information as the selling process continues.

The following some of the best tips for using content in lead nurturing to help turn prospects into satisfied customers.

Establish Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is the notion that your brand and representatives are on the cutting-edge of innovative ideas and activities within a particular industry. As business buyers carry out a deliberate, problem-solving process, their primary interests are often more in the way of identifying contemporary methods for resolving issues.

There are a lot of great tools available for your business reps to demonstrate expertise and thought leadership. Consistent insight-sharing on social media is one example.

However, to achieve real nurturing influence, you have to go beyond simple daily postings. Get engaged in in-depth conversations through such tools as LinkedIn group discussions or Reddit communities.

Other digital media are designed to connect topical experts with people looking for answers to particular questions. Quora, Inbound.org, Medium, beBee are all popular tools whereby company representatives, all the way up to CEOs and other executives, can answer questions posed by interested parties. On some of these forums, you can search for questions on topics related to your industry or business, and share a well-developed and useful answer.

Offer In-Depth Information and Resources

As buyers shift from the initial awareness stage of their journey to the evaluation stage, their desire for more comprehensive information increases. Therefore, your lead-nurturing content should include formats and messages that dig deeper than what you typically deliver at the lead generation stage.

59% of B2B companies say creating relevant content is their biggest obstacle to lead nurturing success – Ascend2 study (Dec 2015)

Original Research Reports – During the evaluation stage, prospects are especially influenced by proof points, including data, stats, and facts that support the need for a remedy and best possible alternatives. While you can share second-hand information, developing and distributing original research reports furthers your objective of establishing thought leadership. It also allows you to share data that is not available elsewhere, which could achieve a greater impact on a prospect’s decision.

Podcasts – Think beyond copy with B2B lead nurturing content. Podcasts and videos allow you to offer more personalised, in-depth and interactive content experiences for intrigued prospects. With HTML5 video technology, some companies are embedding videos in their email marketing campaigns to contacts. Within a podcast, you can offer more thorough insights on the prospect’s problem, share case study success stories, identify possible alternatives for configuring a solution, and emphasise a sense of urgency in taking action.

Slide Decks – A slide deck or slide show is a way of presenting information to prospects with a multi-sensory appeal. You can present content in a concise manner in slides, and then offer narration and other add-on features to enhance Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community