LiveRamp Expands IdentityLink Targeting to Agencies

LiveRamp, best known for moving brands’ reams of consumer data between platforms, said Wednesday that agencies can now use its IdentityLink offering to reach consumers en masse and across an array of platforms and ad channels.

LiveRamp says IdentityLink lets clients use their own data to target consumers on any device. Unlike similar products that organize targeting around devices first, however, it is set up to target consumers at the household level first, using so-called deterministic data such as email addresses and utility bills, and then on their devices.

Much of the digital ecoysystem’s targeting capabilities rely on “probabilistic” data, in which marketers strive to infer the characteristics of consumers based on things like the websites they visit. Google and Facebook have been able to vacuum up so much of marketers’ digital ad budgets because their audiences identify themselves by signing in.

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