Livestream: Preview of the 2018 Buy Idaho Capitol

Pre-opening video of Buy Idaho Member desplays at the Idaho State Capitol for the 2018 Buy Idaho Capitol Show

Hi, this is Harold Brown with Applied Marketing Group.  This morning I went to the Capitol Building to get some footage of the Buy Idaho Capitol show before it opened. This show gets jam packed after it opens and the Capitol rotunda is too crowded to shoot videos of the booths.

Some of the members had set up the night before so I was able to get some video of the booths. 

Before I get to that, Buy Idaho is a non-profit membership organization that has been promoting Idaho products, Idaho services and Idaho businesses for over 30 years.

The Buy Idaho members at this show are businesses, associations non profits and governmental agencies representing a wide spectrum of products and services.

So, I’ve put them in somewhat related groups.

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