Make Money Creating Video Ads For Local Businesses. Free Webinar

Making Videos is great FUN … but PROFITING from Video is even better!

Recently Facebook announced some BIG and worrying changes to it’s algorithm.

FB plans to push mostly friends and family content and interaction in the newsfeed. Facebook page reach is basically going to END!

Very annoying if you are hoping to reach your audience organically.

The solution – attention grabbing Paid Video Ads, highly targeted and slap bang in the Newsfeed.

This means there is a BIG opportunity right now to create simple Video Ads and manage them in Facebook for Local Businesses in your area and potentially earn $500 – $1200 PER month from EACH client!

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Or if you are a Local Business Owner yourself – now is the time Learn to create your own Ads, harness the power of the FB Ads Manager and dominate your area.
Jules (MD at Video Hero) and Chuck (Local Marketing Expert at Up Close Local Marketing) are holding a special Live training session all about this huge opportunity for Video Creators, Marketers and Local Business Owners!

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Think .. Fitness Coach, Dentist, Lawyer, Hairdresser, Restaurant Owner, Realtor, Garage owner and lots more! .. ALL of these can benefit (and will PAY) to super target their customers via personality led video according to their location, demographic and interests.

Chuck will show you the incredible results he has had in his own area!


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You’ll learn …

  • Why 2018 is the year of the Local Video Ad?
  • How Charles picks up clients that pay him $1,000 each and every month!
  • How Charles’s $84 Video Ad spend earned his retailer client $20,000 in one day!
  • How a luxury service made 30 bookings with a $249 Ad spend using a super simple video!
  • The BEST style of Ads to create with simple equipment like your Smartphone (or DSLR if you prefer) and more!

Go here to learn more:  LOCAL VIDEO AD HERO