Make Someone Go Blank using NLP Anchoring Techniques

This article is a step by step description of how I set up a sliding anchor to create a blank state to make a person completely forget what they are talking about. You can use this approach for lots of things. Typically I have made people laugh long, loud and totally inappropriately by installing a giggle button, or controlled the energy in a training room with similar tactics as you will see here. 

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 NLP Techniques 101 Open a Loop or Two

When you sign on to one of my advanced courses you get access to a private group where you can discuss your persuasion skills with other students as well as myself. A few days ago I was discussing with one of my students about some of the things I used to do in the corporate word. For example I just could not turn up to meeting on time and I developed a specific language pattern that let me get away with that all the time. I told the leadership team what I was doing and it spread round the company. It reached a point where people would be disappointed if I turned up on time and didn’t use my pattern.

But I was reminded of a particular sliding anchor I had set up. I had misread one of my big books of NLPness and thought I had to do stuff for personal devilment so in that spirit I decided to see if I could get my financial director to completely forget her figures when presenting them to the leadership team.

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