Marketing Metrics that Matter [VIDEO]

By Elizabeth Harr

How do you measure your marketing efforts? Liz Harr breaks down what metrics you should track into these three categories.

Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Liz Harr. Now, at Hinge you probably hear us talk a lot about high growth. Usually, we talk in terms of what marketing techniques might contribute to high growth. But today, I wanna focus on what happens after you’ve decided on what set of marketing techniques you should use to contribute to high growth. And what I’m talking about is how do you measure those? How do you know that you’ve chosen the right ones? Well, it’s all about metrics. And speaking of high growth, we find that firms that fit into that high growth category, on average, track 33% more metrics than their average growth counterparts. It makes sense when you think about why. Metrics are all about holding your strategies accountable, testing them and continually improving.

Now, I think it’s fairly easy to figure out the how around metrics. You know, there are a lot of marketing automation tools and CRMs that help you with that. Some are free, some are not, but there’s a lot out there that helps you figure out the how to track. Really, when we talk with firms, they seem to be confounded with the why and the what, so that’s what I wanna focus on today. And when I talk with firms, I like to help them think about metrics in three categories, and that is visibility metrics, expertise metrics and what we call impact metrics.

So, lets tackle the first one. Visibility metrics are metrics that really give you an indication of how visible you are in the marketplace. So, it’s pretty intuitive. There are three types of visibility metrics that are very impactful when accessing this.

One is website traffic, but you wouldn’t wanna stop at just website traffic in aggregate. You would want to look at the different types of traffic. Direct traffic, organic traffic, referral traffic, social media traffic are just a few.

Another type of visibility metric are social media followers by platform. Now, the reason this is an interesting metric to track is because we know from our other research how much social media plays in terms of driving visibility to you and your firm. So, tracking your followers by platform actually becomes pretty important.

The last thing you can think about tracking when it comes to visibility metrics is your email list size. So, for those of you whose marketing plans have an email component to it, continually measuring the size of that list gives you a very good indication of how visible you are.

Now, the other bucket of metrics to consider tracking are what we call expertise metrics. So, different from visibility, these are metrics that measure, how convincing are you, that you are the expert you say you are your colleagues are.

Now, there are four areas within expertise metrics that you can consider tracking. One is around the content that you Go to the full article.

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