New NLP Courses

Due to recent changes in EU legislation I have to find a different way of dealing with tax. My solution is to move my courses onto another platform so they have to deal with the tax admin issue. The first two course have been moved over and to celebrate I have negotiated a £10 ($15) money off coupon for either or both: The Confidence Booster The Spelling Strategy All you have to do is enter this coupon code KCOP-NDJW-PZCA-LDHO on the page and it will give you a bigger than 25% discount to either course. Here is what people have been saying about the two courses: The Spelling Strategy What a fantastic course, which I highly recommend for anyone wanting to improve their own, or children’s spelling. I work in the education system and have often wondered what the key is to helping students achieve and make a real difference in their spelling ability. As this can have a dramatic affect on their self esteem and confidence. I feel that this course has delivered the goods ten fold! As a result of this I now use The Spelling Strategy course to give pupils, who were previously struggling, a strategy for …read more

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