New Report: Millennials Hate Apps With Uncool Design

Millennials are killing off apps with uncool design at a breakneck pace, location reigns supreme when it comes to app usage and Snapchat is closing in on Instagram.

According to Comscore’s annual mobile app report, logos matter and apps will be deleted if millennials don’t like how it looks on their screen. About 21% of these millennials eliminated apps from their phones this year while Generation X was more forgiving, with only 2% removing apps that had a design that didn’t appeal to them.

“Millennials identify closely with their smartphones, and nearly every aspect of their lives is integrated with it,” says Adam Lella, senior marketing analyst at Comscore. “For that reason, the apps on their phone represent who they are. Even if an app serves a practical need or purpose, many Millennials don’t want it on their phone if they don’t like the way it looks and represents them.”

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