NLP Answers to Interview Questions


This article is about defining NLP and what that means about the only question that you need to answer in a job interview.

 Why a Big Book of NLP Techniques is Useless

Some people seem to think quantity is the safer answer. For example you can pick up huge books of NLP Techniques that all quite subtly but completely miss the point. One definition of NLP from Richard Bandler,the co-founder of NLP is an attitude and a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques.

If you take on the attitude, learn the methodology you will create your own techniques when you need them. The attitude and methodology are easy to learn and that would take very little effort in comparison to learning hundreds of techniques and trying to work out which one fits in a particular circumstance.

The Answer to Any Interview Question

There are a load of books about templates for good interview answers. The problem with memorising hundreds of good interview answers, assuming that you have adapted them for your situation is still that under a pressure situation you have to match the question that you are being asked to an answer that you have in your head.

And what happens if you are asked a question that you don’t have an answer for?

My approach is slightly different. Firstly let’s get to the heart of the issue. The company are interviewing you to work out if you are the right person for the vacancy that they have available. As such it doesn’t matter what is asked of you what they are really saying is some variation of, “Prove to us that you are the best person for this role”

Every response that you have needs to answer that point.

The beauty of this concept is that it gives you an opportunity to …read more

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