NLP Case Study Corrupting Baby Police Officers

This article is a case study about how we got some police officers to arrest innocent people. This is not a skill that you are likely to want or to use in this fashion. But imagine for a moment that you had that amount of persuasive ability and could apply the concept in other areas to get people to do your bidding. Would that be useful? Wherever We Go Our Baggage Precedes Us This is an immensely powerful subject that needs a lot of consideration and it is always in operation. I am talking about frames and preframes. For example you are reading this article and it is on The NLP Company website. Just based on that you have certain expectations from this article. You will notice that I call them articles…not blog posts. This is because I want to set an expectation in the mind of the reader. In my head there is a distinct difference between a blog post and an article and I want the reader to put my writing in the second category. Corrupting Coppers Many years ago when I was working through and developing many of these concepts I was in the lucky position that …read more

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