NLP Coaching and how to Preframe your Clients for Better Results

When I used to coach regularly I had a reputation for getting results super-fast, powerful and I had a full book of clients without really working at it. There is a trick to it that I will explain in this article. And by the way this works for any client based work whether coaching, training, hypnotherapy and even consulting. The glib, simple response to getting a full books of clients that are desperate for your services has everything to do with positioning and preframing your prospects and clients. Imagine for a moment your clients and prospects saw you as the best and only option for a solution to a really pressing problem. How long do you think it would take you to fill your books with valuable, worthwhile clients that are desperate to hand over their money to work with you? How Not to Build a Following There are lots of different ways of creating that positioning but here are just a few ways of not doing it that I’ve seen. Trying to appeal to too many different people. Compare for example a life coach vs say an Accelerated Learning Exam buster Coach. If you had struggling grades and needed …read more

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