NLP in the World of Espionage

This article is about a template for particular metaphors. You can use it to draw people into your story in a deep and powerful way and it is very easy to use. A Worked Example If you have not yet seen Kingsman: The Secret Service yet I highly recommend that you do. Before I go on though the language is a little coarse and there are some quite brutally violent scenes in it. But both are inherent to the plot and neither should dissuade you from going to see this remarkably good film unless you have particular issues with either. There are a couple of reasons that this film is worth seeing with an NLP head on. Firstly right in the middle of the film they discuss and demonstrate the use of NLP. In a two minute sequence you get to see how certain members of the NLP Persuasion community use their skills. You get to see how effective it could be but also the inherent weaknesses and how to defend against the more manipulative elements of people using their skills in this way. Obviously this is scripted and an inherent part of the film. But certainly I was taken …read more

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