NLP Language Patterns, the KKK and Telemarketers

In this article you will discover how you can use pattern interrupts to completely reframe people. Here you can see it being used to save the life of a man being attacked by racists and to have fun with telemarketers.

In previous articles you will have heard about how:

  • I used frame control to beat a traffic ticket
  • A NLP Practitioner used pattern interrupts to foil some robbers to the point where they gave him the taxi fare home
  • I accidentally took a shop assistant in to trance and got a bacon roll
  • I had total strangers pay for my meal in an Indian restaurant
  • And my good friend Marcus disarmed an angry stranger using a smile and a banana

As a rough rule of thumb; the person with the biggest or strongest frame will get their outcome regardless of anything else. Here is a great example the Rev Wade Watts. Watch this video and it will become immediately obvious how his application of framing won him the day:

It is a great example of having a frame size that is larger than your opponent that is packed full of presuppositions that are impossible to beat.

When you were a teenager did either of your parents have a phrase like “You will see it differently when you are older”? It used to drive me to rage and frustration when my father used that line on me because at the time I had no counter to it. If he tries that with me I have a whole number of approaches and the one that springs to mind is; “I agree I might see this differently in the future and the issue is not about the future it is about what is happening right now. How would you argument change if you were my age and facing my challenges?”


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