NLP, Modelling and Books


This article is about the heart of NLP. There is a lot of material out there of varying quality. This article will give you some ideas how you can sort some of the wheat from the chaff. And as a bonus I will introduce you to a couple of great books.

I am often asked about recommendations for books. And the truth is I will eventually put up a page on the website  and the hundreds of books that I think are worth reading subdivided into categories. But in this article I want to just focus on two rather special and unique books that I think you should have a look at and what makes them special.

These two books were written by graduates from my NLP Practitioner Course, in fact they were on the same course.

A Brief NLP Interlude

I should make people aware that my NLP Practitioner Course is not about creating authors. The course is about learning the tools and methodology of modelling. Both John and Joe have taken this idea and applied it twofold. Firstly they have modelled the process of writing a book and applied that to themselves. And you will see when I start talking about their books they have also modelled a whole bunch of processes within their chosen subjects.

I am only running one NLP Practitioner course this year. And I can’t promise that you will become an author as a result of it. What I can promise is that you will learn to model and apply learning processes. And you will test your ability by doubling your reading speed, learning to juggle and use hypnotic language patterns.

You will learn a whole load of tools and techniques but the whole point is you will learn the core fundamentals that will allow

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