NLP Techniques to Frame a Conversation


The video you will see in today’s article is a demonstration of how you can covertly install a set of frames so that your audience has to follow the path that you set out for them. This works for individuals as much as groups.

Preframes, the Key to Persuasion

Over the last few articles you have seen Hypnosis Tools and NLP Techniques where you can subvert the frames and as a result lead people anywhere you want to go. And in many cases you actually want to do this in a much gentler, less obvious and covert way.

Here a seven minute video that will show you how I do it in a training room. This will work in lots of different contexts. All you need to do is work out the exact process for your situation. To get the most out of the video you may want to watch it a few times. Probably four times. If you are short for time feel free to watch once but simultaneously on four different levels.

Level One: Watch for Content

The information in these seven minutes is really useful. If you have never met this sort of thinking before then this is going to completely change the way you look at conversations and what happens inside your head when people talk to you. Welcome to never having a normal conversation again.

Level Two: Listen for Patterns

My intention with this audience is to draw them in so they listen, are amazed with the material, accept me as an authority and allow me to lead them through the rest of the talk. As a consequence I am chunking and sequencing the information I give them in a particular way. By analysing the patterns I am using and the sequences I am putting them in you will dramatically …read more

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